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Since 2007 I have been an Honorary Visiting Professor in the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, at the University of Sydney.

For the 2013-2014 academic year I am Chercheur en rattachement principal at the Laboratoire SPHERE, University of Paris - Diderot.

Planned for 2014:

I will be reading a paper on impossible subjects in Arabic logic to the meeting of the Société Internationale d’Histoire des Sciences et de la Philosophie Arabes et Islamiques in Paris on 8-10 October.

Earlier in 2013-2014:

In September 2013 I presented papers at the conferences: Dialectic and Aristotle's Logic (Groningen, September 2-4), and Faith and the Trinity (Prague, September 19-20)

Between November 2013 and February 2014 I delivered monthly seminars on Theories of Reasoning in the Aristotelian Tradition at the University of Paris - Diderot.

On 16 January 2014, I led a workshop at the University of Paris - Diderot, titled Commentaries on the Analytics in the Greek, Arabic and Latin traditions.

I participated in the research project Representation and Reality: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Aristotelian Tradition at the University of Gothenburg (February 1-2 2014 ).

I gave 4 seminars on the history of Arabic and Latin logic at the Scuola normale superiore at Pisa (20-26 February 2014).

I read a paper on Order and Intension in Robert Kilwardby's Notule libri Priorum to the Conference Cycle of the Philosophy Students' Association at the University of Geneva on 27 March 2014.

I read a paper on Khunaji's theory of conversion to the annual meeting of the Cambridge/Bochum project on the history of Arabic Logic at the University of Cambridge on May 3-4.

I read a paper on Roger Bacon and Robert Kilwardby on relations to the European Society for Medieval Logic and Semantics at Cambridge.

I also presented a paper on the history of the syllogism to a meeting of the contributors to the Cambridge Companion to Medieval Logic (June 12-18).


Apart from philosophy, my main interest is in music and theatre.

Teaching Music/Theatre